Past Work:

Shrouds Series 1999-2002

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“…In covering his subjects in shrouds Althouse is withholding information, dropping clues, and raising questions; thereby pushing the drama and mystery of his works to uncharted levels…”
  Jorge Sardinas, Director
From the 2001 exhibition: The Shrouds of Stephen Althouse
Atrium Art Gallery of St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida

Earlier Works

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“…He [Althouse] shares with so-called primitive peoples a life view that accepts the overall rightness of nature, the sureness of death and decay, and the expectation that magic might modify what is nonetheless inevitable….It is that dangling of the unknown, as if it were so much bait, that makes Althouse’s images so compelling”
Helen L. Kohen, Art Critic, The Miami Herald, Miami, Florida


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