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TV news report/interview is on two exhibitions at the
Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten (MMKK), Klagenfurt, Austria;
the first on the exhibition from the museum’s collection,
the second on the Stephen Althouse exhibition.


TV interview features Dr. Karin Tondorf, Gallery Director
speaking about two exhibitions at the Gallery Ruhnke,
Potsdam, Germany; the first is Stephen Althouse’s photographic
imagery, the second is Stefan Sprenger’s stone sculptures.


Video of Katheryn Blake, Director, Museum of Art, Juniata College
speaking about the Stephen Althouse-Transfigurations exhibition.


The Biggs Museum of American Art presented a physical solo exhibition
entitled Stephen Althouse - Relics, however a few weeks after the
exhibition’s opening the museum had to close its doors to its visitors
due to the required protocol of the COVID 19 pandemic. In response to the
public’s inability to visit the actual exhibition, the museum created this
impromptu virtual tour.


A slide lecture by the artist prefacing his walk-through gallery tour
of the Stephen Althouse-Metanoia exhibition at the Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama


A video created independently by Celephaïs from internet sources.


A video created independently by Eīhwaz of Norway from internet sources.
This website specializes in videos of the works of contemporary as well
as historic artists and photographers.


Video interview by gallery director Dr. Karin Tondorf with Stephen Althouse
in his Pennsylvania studio concurrent with his exhibition at
Galerie blumberg-fotokunst, Potsdam, Germany.




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